Sunday, January 02, 2005

a work-related entry after a long holiday

checked mail after my bangkok trip (which i will blog about in the next few days, of course. "of course" -- famous last words) (oh and yes, i'm alive. was nowhere near phuket):

the good news is i got a job offer from jobsdb (they've been sending me offers regularly. i think i applied over a year ago, just to keep my possibilities open, not because i knew i was resigning by end 2004).

the bad news is they offered me my old job.

that was my first hearty laugh of 2005. at least i know i was really qualified for the job i left behind. har har har (sniff).

happy new year to my dear orange express*. i have a feeling it's going to be an amazing year ahead.

*we, the unemployed, have to talk to inanimate objects/web sites just to practice our conversation skills.

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sevenpercent said...

do you know jobsdb also sent me an email regarding that job you resigned from? Since it's career suicide should your employer know you are considering employment elsewhere, had jobsdb forwarded my resume to HR, i would have been toast. ok lang sana kung french ako, diba?