Wednesday, July 20, 2005

why they are still together

there used to be a time when my friends, after noticing a lull in conversation, would ask me to tell them about my "parents at mcdonalds" anecdote. they never got sick of this, even after i had probably repeated the story 427 times to the same group. being the dutiful (gullible) friend that i was, i always obliged:

many, many years ago, when my sisters and i were all still students, my whole family went to mcdonalds for breakfast. my parents were at the counter deciding on what to order.

dad to cashier: one order of fries please.

cashier: ok, what kind? (don't ask me why she said 'kind' instead of 'size')

dad: french.

when my mom heard this, she burst out laughing, "french! hahahah! french!!!" she then composed herself, turned to the cashier and said,

"one brown hash."


fast forward to around 10 years later, at the dinner table:

i was thoughtfully eating spaghetti while my dad and mom were having another riveting conversation. apparently, they had just seen ghost again on cable.

dad: i really don't like the guy in THE GHOST.

(two things: [1] this wasn't a cross-reference to the others -- my father doesn't know that movie. [2] when suppressing the urge to laugh, trying to control food -- that is already partially in your esophagus -- from migrating to your nose is no easy feat.)

in the interest of family harmony, i did not chuckle audibly. i let it go, for once. that is, until ...

ma: ah, you mean PETER swayze?

BWAHAHAHAHAHA. (no, really, that's how i sounded. or maybe more like, "BWAHAHHAHAHAaaa ... patrick! ... HAHAHAH")

the real secret to a lasting marriage: find a partner who is as blooper-prone as you.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

the 92,656th entry about mr nephew aka center of my universe

juancho: let's go to bangkok, tita eng!

tita eng aka me: ok!

juancho: when are we going?

me: (attempting to sing the first few words of "the way you look tonight" before realizing that a 3-year-old boy would not get the joke/reference) "sooomeday ... "

juancho: no, not SOMEDAY ...

he then paused, took a deep breath and started singing...


juancho treated me to the entire sesame street theme song while i was busy trying to keep from exploding in laughter. in spite of the fact that i did not understand 98% of his version's lyrics, i learned a valuable lesson that day --

when a kid asks you to take him to another country, just say no.