Monday, January 24, 2005

the world as i know it

is it me, or is this a weird name for a tv show:

"Earth: The World's Most Dangerous Planet"

because i grew up believing that world = earth.

so my mind is interpreting that title as: "Earth: The Earth's Most Dangerous Planet" which just doesn't make sense at all.

i have lost sleep over this. every now and then, i think about that title and believe that something is wrong with the world. how can i even comfortably use that phrase now?!

the good thing is american idol has started again.

(this is possibly my stupidest entry yet) (kindly refrain from searching through the archives and suggesting other contenders)

1 comment:

Pasig Raver said...

patulan ba?

if a person considers residing in the universe a part of one's existence, then the universe is his or her world. now, the title kind of makes sense. (gawin ko 'tong hobby, dissecting jokes until i KILL THEM! nakakaduling kasi masyado ang cross-stitching.)

maiba ako. when do you start with your "sex and the ugong?"