Friday, January 13, 2006

life will never be the same

(warning: this entry will not mean anything to you if you know nothing about CSI)

today, i had a life-changing moment.

i was watching tv (ok, that's not the moment) and saw one of the 3,182 teasers for CSI they show daily. as usual, they were playing the theme song and quite automatically*, i was singing along:

"hooo wahooo ... hu hu, hu hu"

and then ... AND THEN ...

... they showed the words to the song, which turns out to be a real song by "the who":

"WHO ARE YOU? Who, who, who, who?"

there. are. actual. words. in. the. CSI. song.

i was floored – in this case, figuratively because i was already sprawled on the couch during this life-changing moment.

(yes, that was the moment)

so naturally, i did what one is supposed to do when one has just gone through a life-changing moment: i took a nap.

*interestingly, juanchothethreeyearoldnephew also sings along with tv ads and trailers (disclaimer: not the real lyrics) – "LET'S GET IT SCARTED ... AND UP! LET'S GET IT SCARTED ... AND UP! ... Scar World."