Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Things that make me smile (and overweight)

My 11-year-old nephew Juancho and 7-year-old niece Martina seem to be on some kind of dessert theme recently. Maybe my love of sugar is rubbing off on them. (I never claimed to be the best influence on anyone.)

We had a family thing on Sunday so I saw the kids that night. After Juanch greeted me and gave me a kiss, he said I smelled like cookies.

'Is that good or bad?' I asked precariously.

'It was a compliment.'

'Oh thanks,' I said. 'What kind of cookies?' (Tag: Important questions in life)

'The ones you make.'

Which I guess meant I smelled of stress and shortening.

AKA coping mechanism

Last night was Martina's turn to amuse me. To try and fall asleep, she was looking at a cupcake book on my bed while I was working outside.

After leafing through some pages, she excitedly ran out the room and asked, 'Did you watch the Vegas episode of Modern Family?!'

(She didn't really say it exactly that way because she calls the TV show 'Modern and Family'. Please don't ask me to explain. I have nothing.)

'No, why?'

'I found a Vegas cupcake!!!'

She then ran back inside to get the book and show me the page. After a few seconds, I heard her shouting again from the bedroom.

'Forget it. It's not Vegas. It's VEGAN.'


I love these kids. (Tag: Bias)