Friday, January 07, 2005

breaking news

i can finally catch up on current events now that i have more time on my hands. in case YOU need to be updated, i will share an important bit of info from the Philippine Daily Inquirer:



HANFORD, a leading undergarment brand, congratulated Cesar Montano on the success of the movie "Panaghoy Sa Suba," which he also directed, in the ongoing 2004 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

Montano, the leading endorser of Hanford products for the past four years, won the Best Director award during the MMFF awards night held Wednesday.

i hope to see the day my underwear honors me in a national publication.

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Kitty Litter said...

Alam mo, this is weird. My best friend just trashed/thrashed me when she remembered that I once dated the original Blue Soda underwear model (she was in Cubao and saw a HUGE poster with him on it)...then you write this @_@ hehe.

I saw that ad too. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Parang iniimply kasi na they had something to do with Cesar's success. I can just imagine the acceptance speech: " I want to thank the Lord, my wife, and the usual suspects, and a big shout out goes to my underoo company; they are a building block of my success."

BTW, would you be interested in doing copyediting? We need a full time copyeditor at the Manila Bulletin (for the front page and news section), and given your command of the language...Can you put up with idiots on a regular basis? They pay well naman ^_^ If not, you can do part-time with the Lifestyle section. Contact me if you can through 0917-7002287 if you're interested. Thanks!