Monday, August 30, 2004

a bookmark is never there when you need it

i decided at a very young age that i would never dog-ear a book page. it's just WRONG to mangle books (this from a person who almost always successfully -- but accidentally, mind you -- inflicts some sort of harm to borrowed books). i've felt this way ever since my grandmother told me that books had feelings so i should never destroy or hurt them. she said this while i was dancing on top of a hardbound children's book.

so if i need to mark a page and there are no bookmarks in sight, i just try to remember the page number.

p.s. it never works.

of course i shouldn't be surprised. i haven't been called a goldfish for nothing. when i have to memorize the page number, i try to focus on it, then associate it with a ton of things or people (e.g., 119 is my office local plus 2). when i get back to it, i realize that i have discarded any memory of page numbers in my continually shrinking brain (my house number plus 2? my office floor plus 2? my credit card number divided by my pin number?) and i end up reading a lot of what i've read before so i can reach the part where it doesn't seem to ring a bell anymore.

i've also used a variety of makeshift bookmarks (don't bother giving me the store-bought kind -- i will just misplace it): receipts, tissue paper (go figure), hair strands, my own hand (i wake up with a gangrenous finger because the book had cut off the circulation in it), candy wrappers, the corner of a pillowcase, the table corner, and the floor (usually by accident ... use your imagination ... unless you are pasig raver, then i will explain it to you in detail before you conjure some dirty little scenario).

so even if i end up reading a book at least twice by the time i finish it (what with all the overlaps), at least the book is not mad at me.


Pasig Raver said...

i was mentioned in her lordship's blog! (kaparehong level yata ito ng pag-mention sa isang babaeng itatago natin sa pangalang "dalandan" sa MA thesis ng isang propesor sa UP).

you can give me the url, i'm nice to you. i stare at your legs and salivate as much as i can when i'm at your place. hindi, ito ang clincher - you were allowed to view my barangay ugong's next top model pics. that must count for something.

p.s. nakuha ko agad yung gross-of-joe. muntik na rin akong maging gross-of-joe. na young-love-sweet-love ako nun. gross-of-pweh.

grossy said...

okay, COMMANDMENT. thou shall not, in any way, associate YOUR [pasig raver] joe with me, the original gross-of-JOE. kahit hindi ko naman ginustong maging gross-of-joe, AKO PA RIN ang d' original.

uyy, diba eng, gusto mo ng YOUNG LOVER? si patrick, okay na sa yo? okay lang. sharing naman ako. sharing naman si anonymous. naka-partida na naman siya sa legs mo. ayos na.

ps. "pasig raver, you're still in the running towards becoming barangay ugong's next top model. congratulations." -- ricky reyes (ang ganda ganda divahh??)

Pasig Raver said...

thanks for the pimp-out, grossy. pero bago ako i-bugaw ng tuluyan, eng has to answer me this: how are your equestrienne skills?

'cause this stallion's a wild one. *bray-bray* - naging donkey.

- richie d' horsie