Monday, December 20, 2004

the golden an is in the tan . . . truck

remember the plan?

well, i've done it, dan.

i am now in serious danger of severe dehydration from all the tears i've shed ever since i handed my notice. if i'd known it would be this difficult to leave office friends, i would've just shut up from day 1 five years ago. but who could resist being invited to a pork-sisig*-with-mayonnaise lunch? (don't answer that -- you'll make me look like a fat junkie) (which i am)

so there. the good news is i'll have more time to blog in 2005. the bad news is i might not have anything to write about (or money to pay for internet time, come to think of it!).

maybe i can find a blog sponsor. (ah, pasig raver, if your comments only paid for my dial-up)

DIAL-UP!?! aaarrrggghhhh.

someone please remind me why i resigned.

*in english = minced pig face, brain, skin, hair, gut, eyeball (and a wart if you order ahead) fried in fat served with fat on the side and drizzled with more fat


grossy said...

don't worry. you'll be fine. you'll get over joms.

Anonymous said...

eventhough i've been forewarned, it still feels the same as when i first heard the news from you. most especially when colleagues ask me if i knew of your intention, and answering, yes, like it was nothing.


blistersliver said...

orange i will miss you! will you miss me too?

Pasig Raver said...

senti, more time with topi (pinay grimace according to grossy's friend, bridget).

sayang, nagpagupit ka na kasi. samahan mo sana ako tumayo sa kanto ng manila peninsula sa makati av at kumaway sa mga dayuhan habang binibigkas ang, "hi joe, welcome to the pelipeens!" (saka natin aabutan ng solicitation letter para may pambayad sa speech clinic na papasukan natin. anlabo.)

Anonymous said...

that's what sisig is?!!

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is joms? Hmmmmm.... I already miss you. We all do... And you still owe me that "anything except Yellow Cab" you promised me when we won that badminton game. Hehehehehe.....

diwata said...

who is anonymous?