Monday, July 20, 2015

Parents and fairy tales don't go well together

I shouldn't be surprised by this story, given that Mama has always had a clear grasp of fairy tales and similar stories, as well as excellent vision.

It was the night before Mama's scheduled operation (it was elective surgery and she's OK now, thanks for asking), and we were already at the hospital trying to make bedtime come faster. We settled on watching the movie version of Into The Woods.

Hi Chris Piiiiine.

Mama was watching it for the first time, so I expected (and got) a lot of questions about what was happening. During the opening song, I was explaining that it was a bunch of fairy tales merging into a single story.

Me: So that's Cinderella. 
Mama: OK. 
Me: And that's Jack, the one with the beanstalk. 
Mama: OK. 
Me: This baker and his wife are new – they were created for this story. And this is ...

[Here's what was on the screen, and for all my readers who haven't seen the movie, the character in question was in a red cape singing about going to grandmother's house.]

Mama: That's SNOW WHITE!!!


These are the moments that make my life bloggable.

I'd also like to point out that I so lovingly waited for Mama to be out of surgery and back home, recuperating, before I shared this anecdote. I'm a good daughter.* Sometimes.

Get well soon, Ma!

*To be fair, Red Riding Hood in the movie was extremely fair and had poofy sleeves, like Disney's Snow White. Like I said: Good daughter. Me. Sometimes.