Wednesday, January 26, 2005

dugong* in the ugong

this would've been a catchy column title**, except for a few things:

1. although i am overweight in some societies, i don't think i can pass for a oddly shaped sea creature. besides, i hate the water (to swim in, not to clean myself).

2. i don't live in ugong. technically, i live in maybunga. i don't know much about the technical aspects of writing (don't tell my editor), but i have a feeling i should stay as far away as possible from column titles with the word "maybunga" in them.

(hmm. just received an sms with the word "ugong" in it. it's a sign. time to pack up and swim to a new residence.)

*i like saying "dugong."

**whattabout "tagos ng dugong"?


grossy said...

first of all...YOU LIVE IN ROSARIO, not in maybunga.

or, if you really want to go technical about this, you ACTUALLY live in two barrios because topaz street is the border of rosario and our backyard is on maybunga already.

now, for the more important part -- WHY DO I KNOW THIS? easy.


Pasig Raver said...

ang gandang punchline pala ng "topi."

what do you call a bendy person? topi (natotopi).

ambaboy ng "tagos ng dugong." kahanay lang yon ng "iniitlugan mo ba yung talong mo?"

related sa "maybunga" - column title suggestion: "sipilyo ng bungal."

Anonymous said...

another important reason NOT to use "dugong": in ilocano, it means "booger"