Sunday, January 30, 2005

the doctor is sick

(yes, i'm sick all right. i called myself a doctor. the horror!) (and i rhyme, too!!!)

realization of the day: i must've been sickeningly healthy (i like that phrase) for 2 to 3 years now because i don't remember the last time i had colds. the only illnesses that have frequented my body are tension headaches and migraines. not exactly the most comfortable afflictions, but they usually go away in a day or two (or three if the cosmos is punishing me for watching too many episodes of that train-wreck of a show, "the fifth wheel") (maybe i shouldn't have admitted that).

the virus i have is the stereotypical kind represented in movies, the kind that makes your nose explode every 2 seconds, making you an instant wet-tissue generator. and it's not like i can be meg-ryan-nursing-a-cold-in-you've-got-mail cute while spreading my germs anywhere within a 5-foot radius.

(need to mention this: my sisters, who were unfortunate enough to be born with allergic rhinitis*, use white t-shirts instead of tissue. allegedly, t-shirts are kinder to nose skin. of course, this practice gives the phrase "wet t-shirt" a whole new dimension. translation: it is NOT sexy to stumble onto/pick up a damp, germ-laden shirt.)

here's the real point of this entry (and you thought there wasn't going to be any, tsk tsk): i have a question --

are ears supposed to whistle when one is blowing one's nose? (and when they do, is it supposed to sound like a stanza of "i've never been to me"?)

because i don't remember that ever happening, and i was wondering if i can list it as a "special skill" in my CV ("can whistle sentimental videoke favorite through ears during respiratory infections").

*For the layperson: allergic rhinitis = a perennially runny nose (i've probably lost all credibility as a doctor already, so feel free to confirm this yourself. i promise not to feel bad.)

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Pasig Raver said...

"allegedly, t-shirts are kinder to nose skin."

true. pero ibang usapan na kung von dutch ng greenhills ang ginamit. libre facial sa ilong. (or nosial?)