Tuesday, January 18, 2005

intellectual pursuits in a rural setting

(i could start a thesis with a title like that)

had to go to bulacan, birthplace of my parents, last week to attend the last rites of one of my grandfathers (maybe the last one to depart?). the actual ceremony was just over an hour long, so the rest of the day, my sister (the fruit*, not the gross) and i needed something to while the time away -- a challenge when you're surrounded by almost-strangers who still see us as the two little girls from way back, but now with slightly different labels. well at least one of us has a different label.

"oh it's the pretty one! (looking at fruit A) and it's the doctor! (looking at fruit me)"

but i digress (and try to feel sorry for myself but i'm too old for that kind of crap.)

anyhoo . . .

fruit A had a small rubix cube in her mommy bag. if you think working on all sides is challenging, try to do it while the cube is still partially hidden in the bag (somehow, playing with a colorful 80s toy at a funeral seems rude). we took turns at working on the cube, with the noncube bearer working on the daily crossword instead.

let's just say i liked the crossword more. having a messed up rubix cube in one's hand makes one think that maybe, just maybe, all those years of high school, college and medical school were all for naught.

i mean if a good education can't help you solve the *&!^# cube, then what will?

THIS will. or maybe THIS.

(how did i live without the internet, i want to know) (that's the actual title of the song from 'con-air') (i know you're humming)

now where's that fruit's bag?

*her name is apple. get it? apple? fruit? yknow? whoohoo.

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