Thursday, January 13, 2005

really, it explains a lot

today, over a fried-fish, fried-rice lunch, i found out that my parents are distant relatives.

as to how distant is distant, i don't want to know. not that anyone can explain. according to my dad's precise explanation, they're related because they came from the same TOWN.

spare me the details. besides, if i never hear another rambling discourse from officemate #2 (aka topi, who unsurprisingly knows all about my family tree), it will be too soon.

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Pasig Raver said...

was having breakfast with my call center (pronounced "kawl sener") pals earlier and, coincidentally, we talked about their "affairs" with their cousins - an odd practice (how the terms "mag-on" and "kami" can be used to describe one's relationship with one's cousin is beyond my comprehension). effects on the offspring of this type of union were also covered. "abnormal" and "buwang" were the preferred descriptions.

need i say more?