Thursday, February 03, 2005

the depths of distraction

i'm sure i am not the first person to discover this truth:

you are most productive while procrastinating your more important, more pressing work.

i've blogged about this twice (but can't find the other entry, which explains the single link) but still couldn't help documenting my most recent fits of productivity while trying to finish a blasted (read: boring) article.

just last week, i stopped in the middle of typing a ridiculously dull sentence and proceeded to:

- put away the christmas gifts that were haphazardly stashed in a corner of my room (luckily, did not find fruitcake or live pets in the pile);

- remove the contents of the luggage i used a month ago, and discovered a dirty t-shirt stuffed into one of the secret compartments of my state-of-the-art bag;

- explore all my old shoeboxes, confirming that i really do have way too many pairs of black shoes and one too many (two) pairs of formal gold shoes (note to self: do not throw out gold shoes before deciding if you want to be that kind of person); and

- use 'pledge' on every available surface in the room, hoping against hope that having a dust-free, shiny room would inspire me to focus more on writing than on an instant room makeover.

maybe ms. younger sister is right. i should get a life. preferably one that does not involve emotional attachment to fictional tv characters or an inexplicable attraction to reality shows.

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grossy said...

we should sue etc, i swear. there's something missing in my...or should i say...OUR life.