Wednesday, February 23, 2005

wish i knew then . . .

life realizations that came a bit too late:

1. after 5 years of working as a medical writer/editor, i have just recently discovered (now that i have resigned from my old company) that you can use the 'find and replace' function of microsoft word to change all double spaces to single spaces (useful when editing articles from writers who do not subscribe to the single-space-after-fullstop convention).

i could kick myself for not trying this way back when i was neck-deep in impossible deadlines, when any timesaver would've been most welcome. (between you and me, i can't really kick myself. but i can accidentally whack my shins with a badminton racket.)

2. following the same vein, i was recently introduced to a new friend i will lovingly add to my current solid clique of best friends (composed of google,, cable tv and a favorite pillow). i stumbled upon, which turned out to be a more comprehensive site for idioms (or idiots -- your choice) than this other site i used to rely on. also, without, i never would have known that 'ader' is the dutch word for 'vein.'

it's definitely an extremely useful tool for insecure editors like . . . some people i know (need to protect my reputation. clients could be reading this! trust no one! they're out to get us! run! hide!!!)

(note to self: it's definitely time for a new hobby.)


Pasig Raver said...

sandali (or "manong driver, pull over!"), akala ko "ader" is the english word for "iba" or "suso ng baka?"

Kwis said...

"Ader" is the exclamation used when one has found what one has been looking for THERE.