Tuesday, February 22, 2005

bad emotional investments

another problem with this whole new freelancing lifestyle is the freedom to watch the live satellite feed of american idol at 4 pm. my work habits are shot.

i should stop writing this entry NOW. really.

because if i start to go on about how i have reserved a part of my heart for anwar, constantine, mario vasKWEZ (why do they say it that way?), afrogirl, farmgirl, (kindly ignore the fact that i don't know the girls' names) etc, etc, . . . or if i reveal how much i wanted to cry after anwar sang his version of moon river . . . or if i discuss how i'm starting to yearn for simon's approval of my life . . . or if expose my internal debate on whether i should finally admit that i think ryan seacrest is hot . . . i'm afraid i'd have no self-respect left by the end of this entry.

i figure i'll end up using the column (aka current life stressor) to totally trample on my dignity anyway so i should save demoralizing stories for future use.


Kitty Litter said...

hehe! hey, i wonder if you got my text? joyce put our columns on hold for the meantime, so you can relax for now. once the column goes, i will be the first to bug you about it ^_^

Kwis said...
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