Saturday, February 12, 2005

parent update: they're getting the drift

this afternoon, i printed a photo-quality copy of my column pic options (thanks LLB) and put it on the chair near the pc.

my parents entered the room and spotted the montage (which i will post in a bit).

dad: what's this for?

me: for the column.

dad: why does it look this way?

me: because . . .

dad: it's not serious!

me: well, . . .

dad: your column is not going to be serious?

ma: your column is not going to be serious?

me: mmm . . .

dad: (crossing out "buy copies of manila bulletin with eng's column" in his mental to-do list) ahhhh

ma: (thinking "does this mean she's never going to practice?") ahhhh

i think they got it now. where's the champagne?!

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