Monday, October 18, 2004

tomorrow is october 19

tomorrow is grossy's birthday. in her honor, i will post the rather dated writeup i made for her college yearbook (you'll see why she didn't submit it unedited). if you don't get or agree with any of the innuendos and inferences, then you don't know gross.

Only few of Mia’s friends know that she will never, under any circumstance, pass up the chance to watch a beauty pageant; or that she will never, even if her life depended on it, take badminton seriously. Taking on any endeavor (except anything that involves cleaning her room) with zeal enough for the whole cast of ASAP, Mia has consistently churned out school and nonschool projects grand enough to be praised by her parents and closest bribed friends. Mia is Helga of the “Hey Arnold” fame—a rough, tough, bony shell disguising (albeit unsuccessfully) a fan of “Tabing Ilog” (she’s a dead ringer for Eds), “Love to Love” (guapo pala si Cogie) and (gasp) “Meteor … (dare I say it?).” Although still confused about whose face she wants to be reborn with (Donita’s or Ashley’s?) or whose body she wants to morph into (Beyonce’s or Buffy’s?), Mia is 100% certain about her fate—to be a diva. Why not.

happy birthday to the girl i will always refer to as my younger sister.

note to readers: yes, the last punctuation of the writeup is really a period.

note to g.o.j.: i can change the writeup if you refuse to lend me clothes or shoes.

second note to g.o.j.: am kidding. or am i?

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grossy said...

thanks ateng for the honor you gave me in your blog. inihaw na babs for you on your welcome feast.