Monday, October 11, 2004

cutting to the chase

there are tons of pinoys in hong kong: the relatively small subset of professionals and business people ... and the bigger population of servers, domestic help, band members (who are freakishly good!) and sexy dancers (i'm not sure what the correct term is nowadays, but i'm sure they do more than just dance. i'm sure they can also ... sing).

the dancers have a generic look: they're dark, curvy (again, another mild word, so just substitute your favorite adjective here) and have long, straight hair.

am going to skip a few unnecessary sentences and premises* (and only the smartest bloggers and alleged fans will understand why i don't want or need to spell out my realizations while walking along the streets of hk at night) and get straight to my conclusion:

when i get back home, i will get a drastic haircut. or a funky perm.

*thank you, gross of joe, for reminding me of this word. i can't believe i completely forgot "premise" after years and years of overusing it.


Pasig Raver said...

lumabas na rin ang tunay mong pakay sa hongkong. asia's version of Pretty Woman.

by the way, wala na yatang taong buhay ang gumagamit ng term na "sexy dancers."

it happens to the best of us - dalawang beses na kaya ako nahintuan at nasabihang, "sabay ka na." ang tanong, bakit sila mga dude? hindi pa nga jobert ang itsura e, mga lalaking john lapuz. i still get the shivers just thinking about it. then again, i often wonder how much i would've been offered. price is right. or laban o bawi? (cool essay title)

Anonymous said...

Dark. Curvy. Long straight hair. A description that fits most of the women who accompany all those foreign tourists (usually fat, hairy and German, heaven knows why.)
My friends and I had a term for those women (they tend to have long painted toenails and wear platform shoes, too) - Island Spice.

A tad mean, perhaps, but we just found it soooo appropriate.

Pasig Raver said...

hallur (a popular term among local "bagets")! inaamag rin ang blogger, sige ka.

does this mean busy ka palagi? na hindi ka na nag-iisa sa "serviced apartment" mo? na may nanalo na sa IBC 13's ORIENTAL BACHELORETTE?