Wednesday, October 06, 2004

from what part of the US?

a conversation that happened during fireworks night --

new, possibly american acquaintance who just found out i'm from manila: you're filipino???

me: yes, don't i look filipino?

mr acquaintance who was allegedly an english tutor: you talk like an american. i thought you were american!

me, in shock: you must be kidding.

he wasn't.

this is what happens when one watches too much american tv. my ongoing love affair with cable was bound to bear fruit.


blistersliver said...

i bet this american will make a move on you

Pasig Raver said...

may papalitan lang akong dialogue mo dito -

me, in shock, (pero flattered ang mother): no, no, i'm not jasmine trias.

sabay bunot ng gumamela sa buhok, then cue song (ambango-bango, ambango-bango...)

Anonymous said...

Emily - this happens to me here, too. Or, variation on a theme:
her: Gosh, I mean, you really speak English. I mean REALLY.
me: As opposed to?
her: well, I don't know. I mean my dad speaks English but you know it's not his native language even though he speaks it pretty well. But you, well, you. REALLY. speak. English.
me: gee, thanks. I think.

grossy said...

Shyet. American. American Idol.

Andito si Jasmine Trias. Hindi pa siya tumatawag sa akin though.

sevenpercent said...

I hope it bears american fruits hehehe mishuuuuuuuuuuuuu