Tuesday, October 05, 2004

the new me: quite quiet

spend a day in the editorial department of the "makati office" (now i have to specify the place [although maybe the quotes were a bit of an overkill], as i'm currently in the "hk office") and one of the first things you'll notice is i am one noisy person.

i walk noisily (i blame the heels), i laugh like there were no tomorrow (and i have the memo to prove it. think "excessive happiness" from patch adams), i tap my fingers on the keyboard while thinking, i bang my hand on whatever surface is available when i feel emphatic about something (smart officemates have learned to stay away), and i sneeze violently (i get "bless you's" from people at the opposite corner of the office).

so NOW that i'm in a different office, i have to change some of my habits just so i wouldn't call too much attention to myself (as if a stranger sifting through the pantry mugs would go unnoticed, but stay with me).

the walking has been solved for me -- the hk office is carpeted. the tapping and banging is under control, surprisingly -- i've managed to limit the wrist action to a minimum.

HOWEVER, controlling my loud sneeze and laugh is a bit of a problem. to say the least.

today, i had to control two sneezes by putting one hand over my face (fingers slightly squeezing my nose ... too much detail?) and the other hand over my sternum (note the use of an asexual term). the result? imploding lungs. i'll bet bits of alveoli are now scattered all inside my thoracic cavity.

as for the laughing: it's tough. very tough. especially when a certain british editor cannot help being witty on msn or just plain silly. YOU try maintaining your composure when your peripheral vision catches a 6-foot-3-inch man hamming it up, trudging (and grunting) slowly to the printer while assuming the slouch of a defeated man. i will bring duct tape tomorrow. still thinking if i should use it to tape my mouth shut or tie my favorite hk officemate to his swivel chair.


Pasig Raver said...

'wrist action' - what's this? hmmm, daddy likes.

Anonymous said...

loc 117... tas unahan kami ni mike magsabi ng bless you!

grossy said...

Pasig Raver: LNL.

Bakit hindi mo binanggit yung ubo mo na pumapasok sa utak ang lakas?