Tuesday, October 26, 2004

note to self: do not attempt to create a 12-course dinner with apartment food

it's true. we learn something new every day.

for instance, just last week, i learned that i am someone idiotic enough to forget to get off the elevator at her office floor, but poised enough to keep a straight face while the man who got off the top floor looked strangely at the pathetic dimwit who has to ride the elevator back down.

today i learned that i should not, under any circumstance except PMS-triggered depression maybe, consume the following in succession:

- 4 giant rice crackers;
- 1 entire tin of mackerel fillets in oil (even if it has the phrase "omega-3" emblazoned on the label);
- a huge 2" x 2" x 2"cube of dense, malaysian chocolate layer cake (even without the rest of this list, eating an enormous chunk o' chocolate is hardly a great idea);
- 3 pork and mushroom dumplings;
- one slightly large fuji apple; and
- too much iced tea.

(i started to write the food list hoping to convince myself that my tummyache is idiopathic but i should have known better.)

and if anyone even dares to comment along the lines of "that's still a light dinner. you didn't have rice anyway", i will personally see to it that this person will be the first in the world to have an entire dumpling (or a slab of chocolate cake -- he can choose) up his right nostril. or left. like i said, he can choose.

that is, as soon as this vague abdominal pain goes away.

maybe i should wash it all down with skim milk. after all, i haven't had dessert.


Anonymous said...

the mackerel sounds new. i'm surprised buhay pa yung cake.

grossy said...

goodluck sa gown mo.

na-entice ako sa pork and mushroom dumplings, not straight up my nostrils though.

Anonymous said...

Won't you consider the slab of chocolate cake dessert???

Anonymous said...

my gosh mother, what a great meal! mwahahaha :)

parang ang sarap nga ng chocolate cake. yan ba yung multi-layered (as in, 12 or 15 or something of super-thin sponge cake)?

orange said...

seeing that my fabulous meal triggered a whole slew of comments, i'm forced to respond.

to grossy: yes. the gown. i plan to lock myself in my room for the 2 weeks before the wedding.

to anonymous: chocolate cake is not dessert if you eat it first. neither is the fuji apple, which, now that i think about it, i ate with the dumplings. the cake i ate right after that but not before the mackerel. i didn't say the list was chronological. wink wink.

to the other anonymous: yes, several layers of thin, dense, sponge-cake-like gastronomical beauty. if the layers are thin and dense, should it be called "skoba cake" instead?

Pasig Raver said...

that's still a light dinner. you didn't have rice anyway.

dumpling and sa kaliwa, please. tingin ko kaya. good luck sa atin.