Monday, October 18, 2004

living on the edge

i'm not a risk taker. my secret middle name is "comfort zone" (note, not "... room"). bungee jumping and skydiving are not in my life's to-do list (but wearing gold shoes or a tube top sans the mandatory cover-up jacket/cardigan/blanket for no special reason is. will do it when i become a mother. mia can verify that i've declared this countless times.)

however, these past few days, i've discovered a brand new kind of risk taking: eating semi-spoiled food ("semi" implies the absence of discoloration, foliage or mindblowing stench).

in the span of a week, i've eaten two types of bread and two cups of yogurt that were past their expiry date. i slightly toasted the bread to kill ("invigorate", more likely) the bacteria that have started to reside in the multigrain goodness. as for the yogurt, i convinced myself that the slightly sour smell was normal (it is, sometimes, but not usually with the fruit-flavored ones).

refusal to throw out relatively expensive food
secret hope of contracting diarrhea to lose extra pounds gained through stress-eating
risk-taking behavior
a blog entry
soon on the orange express: "my horrendous toilet quarantine: why i regret buying too many perishables at the grocery"

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Pasig Raver said...

wala kaya yan sakin. bought lapaz batchoy from mang bart's famous batchuyan (i'm sure this is the term for it) yesterday. got two bowls from one of our kitchen cabinets, washed one, then placed the batchoy in the unwashed bowl.

closet tanga talaga ako.

vermin abound inside our 50 year old house, but mom and i still had the soup for dinner (or supper according to your mom, ask mia). this was after she gave me the go signal by saying, "mainit naman yung sabaw, eh."

and this was while we were watching the news on the two kids who died after eating chicken found in a pile of rubbish.

nonfiction ito. apo ako ni evel knievel.