Wednesday, September 08, 2004

google, the tease

google. it's starting to get on my nerves. am starting to think it's just trying the limits of my patience.

it's out to get us.

for instance, if you enter Hwai-Jeng Lin Professor Department Education, you will get this question --

"Did you mean: Hwai-Jong Lin Professor Department Education"

so, silly you, you agree. "yes, maybe i did mean 'jong'! maybe i got the name wrong," you think, while silently thanking the internet gods. "thank you google!"

then you click on the seemingly great suggestion, and you get --

"Your search - Hwai-Jong Lin Professor Department Education - did not match any documents."

and this is why i am slowly being pushed into subclinical psychosis.


sevenpercent said...

But recovery is possible! :-))

Kwis said...

This happens to me too! I can only glare back at Google...