Tuesday, September 14, 2004


spooky discovery c/o ana (aka the president of my fans club with a membership of, give or take, three) :

click this -- http://orangeexpress.blogpot.com -- and see what you get. note that this url is almost exactly the same as mine, minus an 's'. THE HORROR!!!

am just grateful it's not some porno site (although i'm sure a certain pasig raver would've been pleased to no end).

now i'm thinking about changing my blog's url. am also thinking about why that site even HAD that url. is the orange a biblical fruit?

don't answer that.


Pasig Raver said...

i clicked on 'voice of satan' half expecting to hear mahal's voice recounting her sexploits with former lover turned recording artist (or was it the other way around), jimboy.

under construction pala yung eng'slovepalace.com, dinumog kasi ng sansinukob (favorite word ko ngayon). di nakayanan ng server.

Anonymous said...

Oh, i always thought you maintained that site too. *shrug* diwata