Monday, June 14, 2004

your country is not weird

was talking to the cell phone operator, as i needed to activate my phone's roaming for my upcoming hong kong trip. the conversation was ending, but i remembered a slight problem i encountered the last time i used that service.

me: do i have to change any other phone setting?

operator: no, just the manual network selection i taught you.

me: ok, but in australia, i couldn't access the local network.

operator: oh don't worry, hong kong is a normal country.

(couldn't help it, i let out a full-volume laugh at this point.)

me: so australia is ... what?

operator: sorry, i meant "regular." hong kong is a "regular" country.

still had no idea what she meant, but i figured it meant i wouldn't have problems in hong kong. also, i assured her i wasn't laughing at her (she apologized profusely), it just sounded cute.

am also planning to call her back to report if hong kong is indeed normal. i have my doubts.


Anonymous said...

i'm almost afraid to know which classification our very own Phils fall under.
- anonymous

grossy said...

eng, mag email ka naman sa akin.