Wednesday, June 09, 2004

the roe problem

ate california maki for lunch. having this type of maki usually presents me with a couple of problems:

1. having an abnormally small mouth makes it technically difficult to put the whole maki in. and when it's in there, i have to bear with a few seconds of looking like an angry puffer fish.

2. when all that's left in my mouth is bits of roe, i have to be very careful when i bite into them one by one. they feel very much like tongue papillae (look it up) and each bite leads to either the pleasant sensation of a mini-explosion of fishy flavor or the pinpoint, intense pain of losing a small body part.

1 comment:

grossy said...

I ATE A MAKI YESTERDAY! We're so connected! Though I may not be able to know EXACTLY how you feel about having an abnormally small mouth, because I have the exact opposite.

I like roe too. Yum.