Saturday, June 19, 2004

the weaver

met another hong kong officemate. right after that, i told another colleague that i met someone new.

me: i met connie by the pantry!

my funny colleague: who???

me: connie!

mfc: we don't have anyone named connie!

me: get out.

mfc: i'm not kidding.

so i brought him (more like 'pushed him against his will while he was giggling at my expense') to where the officemate in question was seated (she wasn't there during our covert operation).

mfc: that's SIGOURNEY!!!

me: but ... that's not a chinese name!

sometimes i should just throw in the towel.

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city slicker said...

So, I guess I am not the only one afflicted by puriring! That was quite assuming of you (or your ears, should I say?). Have you ever thought that Donnell or Marti or Orange or any other American sounding names do not sound Filipino as well? The Chinese race have entered the global arena, hence the influx of many of my countrymen who have English names... Maybe you forgot to pack some cotton buds or something... Or maybe you need to use the mini spoon to scoop "it" all out. (*wink*wink*)