Saturday, June 19, 2004

a room with a view

first full day at the hk office. i had been working for about 4 hours when i noticed that my face was getting hot and i was developing a headache. wondered if i was coming down with something. that or work was making me blush. because the latter reason is just downright stupid, i concluded i had a slight fever.

my first thought: IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF SARS?

while considering this possibility, i looked out at the harbor in full view. all i needed was the forrest gump soundtrack. "this is a really nice workplace. i can see the boats passing and the ..." and then it hit me: i was in front of a clear glass wall. i wasn't sick, i was getting sunburned.

i love vertical blinds.

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city slicker said...

Maybe it should be better if you brought a suntan lotion and a couple of bikinis everyday. You will definitely have a very lasting impression in that office with that attire. Maybe you could throw in a couple of shades as well, and with a picnic blanket or a beach towel, you could virtually transform your office space into a beach! Nice touch of interior design... Haul in those white sands mister!