Wednesday, June 16, 2004

day 1: play ball!

starving after check-in at metropark (the hotel that no one--not even those who live here--has heard of). found a nearby 7-11. saw hong kong teenagers in school uniform eating fishball-type things. bought some for myself, ate near them. was curious about the brownish balls on their plate.

me: may i ask what you're eating?

hong kong schoolgirl: yes.

(significant pause from me)

me: what are you eating?

(where is canned laughter when you need it?)

HKS: it's a bit spicy.

me: but what are they?

HKS: it's ... it's ...

me: (trying to be helpful) fish?

HKS: no, meat.

it's true. being in a different country makes you an idiot. a meatball by any other name is still a meatball. except you'd probably have to spell it out for someone like me.

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