Saturday, March 22, 2014

Neck and neck

Apparently – and I was not aware of this until recently – Mama and Dad are in a prize-less race to accumulate the most bloopers within my lifetime.

I used to think Mama would be the clear winner (because of stories like this and this), but Dad is one competitive alpha male. Ergo, at present, it's pretty much [insert blog entry title here] [#laziness].

Yesterday, as we were leaving the relatively new Robinsons Magnolia, Mama happily observed:
"Uy! Meron palang Cuma dito!"
Which was, naturally, this:

Dad, on the other hand, was admiring one of Mama's bags and started reminiscing about the time he bought it for her.
"Maganda 'tong bag na 'to. May nabili din akong shoes dun eh. Sa Calhoun."
Which was, obviously, this:



The race continues.

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