Sunday, January 20, 2013

A quick Spanish lesson

(Before proceeding, I need to warn any young readers that this post is about a bad word, and you will need to ask permission from your guardian before continuing to read. Go now. Why are you still there? Why are you even online?! Close the browser!!! I'm going to call your mother!!! 


Also, I apologize in advance to any other readers who might be offended by cursing in general and those who are sensitive to the * symbol.)

Mama, Dad and I watched a bit of the Australian Open on TV last Friday. We caught the third-round match between David Ferrer (friend of Rafa, I need to add) of Spain and Marcos Baghdatis of Cyprus. Ferrer just lost the point and the camera zoomed in on his face as he was mouthing a very emphatic 'p*ta'.

Me [laughing]: Rafa says that a lot too.

(Clearly, someone is obsessed about a certain someone else.)

Dad: What? Of course not. Why would they say that? Is that Spanish?

(Clearly, someone does not know his colonizer's influence on the vernacular.)

Mama [and you know I was already bracing myself for what she could possibly say]: Of course it's Spanish.

(Clearly, someone does not always say funnily inaccurate things.)

Mama: ... It means 'ANIMAL.'

(I take it back. And I laugh uproariously.)

Even *they* think Mama is funny.

Epilogue: Ferrer won 6-4 6-2 6-3. He's an ANIMAL!!! And I mean it in a very non-curse-y way.

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