Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The 30 little pigs

It's been so long since I needed to tell Juancho or Martina a bedtime story. I miss those times a lot. There are several old blog entries here about those stories, but the one about the Two Little Pigs is relevant today.

That's because I found an old audio file of Martina telling me another pig story from more than 2 years ago, when she was just 5 years old.

(Note: I had to convert the recording into a movie because Blogger won't let me upload an audio file. Kindly do not expect a dazzling montage. Except for the first one, these are pics from the year that the storytelling transpired. I'll edit this someday, maybe?)

If you don't have time to listen to it, here is a rough transcription. I'm the one interrupting her (in parentheses). I urge you to listen to it though – the text doesn't capture the cuteness enough. Hers not mine.


(Can you start your story again?)

The story is about … the story today is … the 20 little … the 30 little pigs!

(That’s a lot.)

The 30 little pigs, their mommy said, build your own houses.

Then the first pig went to get some straw from the [???]. Can I have some straws please? He said OOOKAYYY!

Then the second pig he build a house with sticks. Can I have some sticks please? Oh SURE!

And after that the third pig, he build a roof, but it was made out of bricks.

And then there was a wolf!

(Wait I thought there were 30 pigs?)


Then the wolf blow the first … I mean and after that the fourth pig build it with soooome … spaghetti!

And after that … then the fifth pig, he already made a house out of some paper!

Then after that, the seventh little pig, he build it out of curtains!

And the eighth pig, he build it out of doors!

And after that, the ninth pig, he build it out of windows!

Then the tenth, build it out of bicycles!

Then the other pigs, the other pig, he made it out of [???]!

(What happened to the wolf?)

We’re going to continue that later.

And the other pig, he build it out of the fan!

The other pig, he made it out of aircon!

And then the next pig, he made it out of a bed!

(I think you have to end the story now. What’s the ending?)

And the wolf, he came and blowed all the [???].

Then the pigs went to the brick house then he couldn’t catch any of the pigs.


(Great story!)

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