Thursday, November 04, 2010

photojournalism entry #1: people never change

i don't remember making faces as a kid, but (as the picture below proves) i must have. in the picture, i was looking at relatives trying to make me smile for the camera. and this face was the reaction they got. i was probably a big whopping bundle of joy.

an actual toddler
over the years, at least two people have told me that i looked like elmo. ELMO! (was that link really necessary? is there anyone who doesn't know elmo?) elmo, the sesame street character! elmo, the nonliving thing if it weren't for the hand inside it! i have never had red fur or a squishy orange nose so i do not see how more than two distinct individuals have come to this conclusion separately. i also do not see how informing me of such an observation could lead to any sort of personal pride or happiness.

pretending to be an adult while
hiding the red fur
these days, i catch my reflection in the mirror and laugh. not really because i'm happy or trying to be happy. i literally laugh. because of my face. this could be an asset someday. especially if i start growing red fur.

adult with better makeup
in the meantime, i should simply accept that i look like a cartoon on most days, like i have since birth. and while i'm at it, i should also cover some mirrors.

caricature or really bad photoshopping


ardel said...

haha, at least your expression is really original! even when you were still a baby (as in infant), you probably have the same expression. or not. :D

delsmd said...

your expression as a toddler looked like this - :/