Thursday, October 28, 2010

a rather delayed music-related apology

like a rough version of a disney princess sans the talking animals and poofy skirts, i burst into song every now and then. there was a very long phase when i would hum or sing the first few lines of 'if i believed' by patti austin without even realizing that i was audible. i'm not sure why though – it was just something to sing when it was too quiet, like when in the toilet, while waiting for ... um ... important events.

i like hearing people sing in public, especially those who don't really mean to call attention to themselves. during a visit to a small grocery nearby, i heard a chorus of voices from different aisles singing along with the britney song playing. it was strangely mood-lifting, even if (or maybe because) one of the singers was a pre-pubertal boy. i quietly joined them.

my older sister was never really a burst-into-song type of person but she likes some kinds of music. when ate was still single and living with us, we had random sleepovers where, before sleeping, she would order me to sing entire songs of the sentimental kind. i don't know why i obliged. maybe it was some residual effect of her bullying me my entire childhood.

many, many years ago, ate and i had to buy a few items at some computer store at the mall. with everything i needed, i headed for the cashier with my sister behind me. as i was paying, an air supply song started to play. i was starting to snicker as the song was nearing the refrain, when all of a sudden, i heard someone belt behind me,


i was so startled that ate would sing so loudly and boldly in public that i whipped my head around to tease her with an extremely naughty 'i-never-knew-you-were-a-singer' look.

in a perfect world, that story would have ended with me and ate laughing our heads off and walking away for some window shopping. but this is not a perfect world ...

and it was not my sister behind me.

in other words, i had given a complete stranger what probably seemed like a piercing 'what-the-hell' look. i felt awful. i still do. needless to say, she stopped singing after she saw my facial expression change from mischief to utter remorse.

wherever you are, stranger, i'm very sorry. please keep singing. i really don't mind. what would we be without music and spontaneity and self-expression? we need more people who are not afraid to express themselves while waiting in line to pay for printer cartridges. at the end of the day, we really do need ... less lonely people in the world.

all together now!!!

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC!!!! The songs I'm singiiiiiiin.....thanks for all...the joy they're bringiiiiin.....WHO CAN LIVE WITHOUT IT?!?!? I ask in all honesteeeeee...what would I beeeee....

(That's my default song. I don't think I need to tell you who this is)