Wednesday, January 10, 2007

les whiz

apparently, lea salonga is returning to broadway, this time as fantine of les miserables.

repeat after me: les miserables. les miz. got it? good. it will come in handy later on.

anyway, my dad and i saw the front-page news item about lea's comeback at the same time.

dad: wow! who is fantine?

me: (desperately trying to recall the story) (i came up with random thoughts of bread, the all-too-popular, near-suicidal song about unrequited love, and ... some old guy) i really don't remember much. i think she was the one who loved someone.

(if i could've been vaguer, i would've gone for it.)

dad: wasn't she the one who was kidnapped?

me: (still hesitant and suddenly having self-doubts) kidnapped? i don't remember a kidnapping ...

dad: you know, the one who was kidnapped by the PHANTOM?


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Marie said...

si Lea? Fantine? Akala ko ba Falmolive ang endorsement niya.
- !,