Sunday, December 24, 2006

the new and improved nativity story (2006 version)

it was 10 days before christmas when i received my favorite gift of the season.

my nephew juancho was excited because i decided to sleep at their house that night. as we were getting ready for bed, juanch (who is now 4 years old) brought out an illustrated children's book on the nativity story. he wanted me to read it to him but i let him 'read' it to me instead. he willingly agreed.

4-year-old Juanch, contemplating his pose 
and now, without further ado, here is juancho's version of the famous story:

Mary and Joseph were tired so they were walking around with a horse. (of course it was a donkey in the drawing but he was too excited to care. juanch, not the donkey.)

They were running out of places to stay.

Suddenly, the baby Jesus BURST out of Mary's tummy!
(at this point, my sister whispered to me, 'so why is mary still smiling?')

They were surprised. (needless to say. how would you feel if a baby burst out of you?)

Jesus was born somewhere in the Middle East.

They found a warm and cozy place to stay. The baby slept on some hay in a barn.

The three kings came JUST IN TIME to give presents. They gave the baby Jesus a treasure chest, a red box to sleep in
(mangers can get boring), and a water jug to put water in.

(at this point, juancho turned to his mom and said, 'mom! i know what to give the baby jesus! WATER!!!')

The end.

by the last sentence, my sister and i were about to 'burst' from trying to contain our laughter. to make it worse, juancho shared another great idea ...

'tita eng! lets go to* tomorrow so we can find out more about the baby Jesus!'


it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ...

*we thought there was no such site, but we were wrong. of course juanch wasn't really referring to the actual site, unless it was advertised on the disney channel or somewhere. have the happiest season ever!

*December 2011 updates: I now write my blog entries with correct capitalization; Juancho is 9 years old and tall and smart and still tells good stories ... but only when Martina and I threaten him; and 'Baby Jesus' reminds me too much of Sofia Vergara and a certain Modern Family episode. 


Christine said...

Hilarious! And it's amazing how a 4-year-old already knows about websites!

Dinna said...

Children have the most imaginative minds.. happy new year to you and everyone back home..

apogacious said...

si juanch lang talaga ang makakaisip ng
nakakatawa siguro kung pinakwento mo sa kanya ang Parting of the Red Sea.