Saturday, February 10, 2007

maybe this is about work. maybe not.

it was a night just like any other night. i was chatting with my friend based in new york, who was then looking at a mag devoted to single people.

carrie (note to "carrie": good alias, huh?): ooo! a quiet party!

me: whassat?

carrie: oh. quiet party. you meet new people in a bar. no music. no one talks. it's dark. and you just pass each other notes.

me: (after a short pause) ... how do you read notes in the dark?

i guess i should be disturbed that i was more concerned about reading difficulties than other more crucial issues in that rather unconventional scenario. i could've asked about the percentage of meeting decent people or the risk of encountering sociopaths or sexual predators or ANYTHING. but no.

does this mean i work too much?

maybe. because just this afternoon, i was more disturbed by a glaring grammatical error on a restaurant poster than the fact that i semi-tripped in the middle of the road, causing one of my flip-flops to fly ... which consequently stopped traffic because i had to, of course, reclaim my precious footwear.

fyi? walking barefoot on asphalt is not a pleasant experience.

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