Sunday, March 05, 2006

ain't no mountain high enough, or so i think

thanks to peer pressure (apparently, 30-somethings still buckle), i am going to do the unimaginable. much to my horror, i was shoved out of my comfort zone and found myself committing to a CLIMB.

i will climb a mountain this friday.

of course this isn't hardcore climbing. i have been assured that 10-year-olds have hurdled this particular trail, and i suspect that because i know this, pride will be the single most important factor that will drive me to reach the peak. regardless of level of difficulty though, it is still a mountain. and it is still something i never ever thought i would do.

as this is probably the first and last time i am going to do this, i am deciding to milk the event for all its worth. as it turns out, it's a great way to get out of other stuff. for instance:

"can you meet the friday deadline?"
"i need an extension. i'm going to climb a mountain."

"can you meet me for dinner this thursday?"
"oh no, sorry, i'm going to climb a mountain."

"please run away with me by the end of the week."
"oh i can't. i'm going to climb a mountain."

i may or may not be missing the point of the activity.

so if after this week, my blog becomes stagnant again, it might not be my run-of-the-mill laziness, ok? it's entirely possible that i ... stayed (sounds better than "met my untimely demise"?) ... in the mountain. so there. ha!

mountain climbing. the ultimate excuse.

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sevenpercent said...

You better get back to the lowlands alive. otherwise, juancho will get bored =)