Sunday, April 16, 2006

hippo hop hooray

it's easter today – a day that represents the seemingly impossible, pleasant surprises and, most of all, coming to life.

and so it seems like the perfect time to yield to intense easter pressure: i am officially reviving my dead blog.

(if i fail to blog regularly again, i will delete this entry. remind me.)

so anyway, remember juancho? (and you thought i would write about something else ...)

very pregnant mom of juanch: juancho, what is tita eng (me, fyi)?

juancho: she is a brilliant writer with a smashing personality and a generous spirit.

ok, he didn't really say that. i will, however, teach him that answer as soon as he can pronounce the letter 'r' pwopowly.

what he really said was ...

juancho: a doctor!

vpmoj: what is mom?

juancho: an interior designer!

vpmoj: what is tatay*?

juancho: tatay is ... a hippo!


i hope this boy stays funny forever (with apologies to the hippo).


*tatay means 'father' – if you want to know why juancho's parents are 'mom and tatay' and not 'mom and dad' or 'nanay and tatay', email me. but really, don't you have better things to do?

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