Saturday, February 25, 2006

something *i* didn't know about myself

they say children are close to God's heart so when i was conveniently beside juancho (the ever-famous – to me at least – 3-year-old nephew) while he was saying his evening prayer, i semi-jokingly whispered into his ear:

"ask God to give tita eng (that's me, in case you were the least bit interested) a husband, ok?"

so juancho obediently droned, "and please give tita eng a husband."

after a long pause, he turned to his mom (who was on the other side of the bed we were on) and said:

"mom, tita eng is sad. that's why she's looking for a husband."

[insert deadpan expression here]

in case you were waiting for further clarifications, denials or confirmations from me, i will warn you right now that there will be none of the sort. there will be, however, a question: since when have 3-year-olds become so introspective?


newsflash: juancho's mom is giving birth sometime in june or july. juancho is going to have a sister! my blog will have a new character/miniature psychoanalyst! wheeee!

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