Monday, September 26, 2005

"nothing good's gonna last forever"

so here is my latest fear: i'm afraid that i am getting stupider by the second.

for starters, it seems that my brain and the rest of my body have not been on good terms lately, resulting in me thinking one thing and then expressing something completely different.

for instance, a friend asked me recently about the singer of "touch me in the morning" (as to WHY we were talking about this – well that's a longer, shallower story, which also happens to involve dione warwick) and i replied with a certainty that can put a college professor to shame, "donna summer." i could even hear her singing in my mind: "wasn't it me who said that nothing good's gonna last forever?" (don't ask me why i know this song almost by heart. i was a diva at 8.)

donna summer DID NOT sing that song. it was diana ross. shame on me. and the sad thing is that i KNEW it was diana ross. it was HER VOICE in my head. but my mouth (in this case, "fingers", because i was texting my reply) wanted to say something else.

ok, maybe that wasn't the best example of how my brain is slowly wasting away, but i can't think of a better one right now. see? see? brain atrophy!

is it a sign of aging? i'm only (and props to me for using the word "only") 32!!! so why is it that i can't remember prices of items i purchased just a few days back, or what "assonance" means (was this taught in high school?), or why i scheduled a night flight when i knew that my uncle can't drive in the dark!?

if that last paragraph made any sense to you, be afraid.

meanwhile, i'm going to lock myself up in my room until i start to make sense again. or until i feel hunger pangs. whichever comes first.

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