Wednesday, September 28, 2005

the hate-hate affair with pictures

i think the universe is telling me that i should just stay away from situations that have anything to do with my picture. regardless of need or situation, i should just run as fast as i can in the opposite direction.

it's bad enough that i have to carry a horrific photo around for 3 years. so you have to understand that i have some amount of self-loathing going on in my brain at any given time of the day.

yesterday, i had to go to the professional regulation commission office to get my renewed physician's license. the man (boy, really) at the releasing window gave me an old index card to sign. on the card was a picture of me, back when i was a fresh (and i use the term loosely) medical school graduate.

he took one look at the picture, looked at me, looked at the picture again and said (in the vernacular), "you're really young in this pic."

me, quite speechless: "wasn't i?"

which brings me to my next question: just how old DO i look???

come to think of it, i should've seriously thought about this a few months back, when a promo girl in the grocery came up to me with brochures of a new diaper and said, "ma'am, try this on your CHILDREN."

plastic surgery is starting to sound good.

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