Tuesday, December 14, 2004

do you hear what i hear?

it's the crack (crick?) of knuckles rusty from not blogging for so long. am an embarrassment to the blog world.

the good news is my blog life is going to get better. hint, hint . . . wink, wink . . . cough, clear throat, cough, spit. (ok, maybe i'm coming down with something.)

the bad news is it's like pulling teeth. can a process be more overdue and long-drawn-out?

and now for the totally unrelated but amusing pseudoquote* of the week from a male acquaintance: "that's when i found out i was gay: when i bought stationery and refused to write on it because it was so pretty. come to think of it, even just the fact that i bought stationery said a lot."

*i paraphrased. it was probably better verbatim, but i have the memory of a goldfish with alzheimer's.

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