Friday, November 19, 2004

ssssssssseriously, isssssssssss it ssssssssmashing?

so i DID get that sexy-dancer-provoked haircut like i said i would (wasn't brave enough to get a perm. was thinking maybe only sarah jessica parker can get away with a permed bob.) (is a bob still a bob if it's curly?) (this is another gay test, in case you were wondering.)

will not post pics of the new look here, partly because our camera is in the shop (or so i think) and partly because displaying my speckled face (hello acne season!) online will not help my ailing social life.

however, i need to document one of the stranger comments i received recently. this precious insight came from a female officemate:

"your hair's nice. you look like cleopatra."

(i have to admit that typing that made me laugh again.)

to that shocker, my reply was:

"i should probably buy a snake." (referring, of course, to the 1960s image of elizabeth taylor playing cleopatra. i didn't even know this image was in my mental library until that comment.)

my question is (and i usually have many): was that a real compliment? or a subtle way of saying "you shouldn't have gotten a haircut, you paranoid idiot"?

regardless of intention, that comment cheered me up. must write to santa about my need for specific reptilian accessory soon.


Pasig Raver said...

analogy: if bob got a perm, you'd still call him bob, right? hence, a curly bob is still a bob.

too gay to function na ba?

p.s. compliment yata yun kapag tinawag kang queen of the nile. unless she was referring to those weird contraptions inserted in one's nostrils to achieve the egyptian nose.

- king of the pasig

Kitty Litter said...

I can't explain it but your comment made me laugh. And typing this is making me snicker. Maybe it was your quip about the image being in your mental library.

On a side note, funny how so many women I know are getting haircuts now. Something about the cold season? ^_^

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Elizabeth Taylor have a scarily small waist in that picture? No wonder she almost died of pneumonia during filming! Abnormally large thoracic cage, big lungs full of bugs. hehehe.

But she has congestive heart failure now, poor woman.

Orange, me want to see picture :-D