Monday, August 09, 2004


there are ants living inside my sister's keyboard pc.

we don' t know how they got there. we suspect that all the junkfood being thrown around has something to do with it. the thing about these ants is they don't traipse around the computer table when they have nothing to do. so you can't really tell they're there UNTIL you type. typing is their wake-up call. wouldn't you wake up and run out in a panic if your home was pounded at a rate of 40 words per minute (or faster if the pounder happened to be chatting)?

the moment you type on this particular keyboard, the ants come crawling out and onto your unprotected hands. sometimes they bite, sometimes they tickle, but most of the time, they just irritate the hell out of you.

trying to work on that pc is like Corporate Fear Factor. i've had to bear many itchy nights just to meet a deadline. it's a nuisance for sure but a blessing in disguise if i ever saw one -- if ants crawling all over you don't keep you awake, nothing will.

mia (the keyboard owner) didn't know about the ants until she got home from her 2-month trip. however, she realized they had been there a while when she heard juancho greet the high-tech pets like they were part of the family. "hi ants in the compinter!"


grossy said...

fyi, juancho saw the "ants in the compinter" RUNNING ALONG THE SIDES OF MY CPU. they're invading my life.

Cyclone said...

maybe it was ants, and not mice, that built deep thought, and these are just on a field trip.... the answer is 42 by the way