Tuesday, August 03, 2004

*** and the city

rpn channel 9 (read: NOT cable) began showing 'sex and the city' some time ago (and by 'some time ago' i mean, i haven't the foggiest). i've always wondered though how a show like that could possibly be shown on local tv.

last night i found out.

(not verbatim, but close enough)

carrie: last night i had the biggest *silence* of my life

miranda: i did my laundry.

carrie: i'm mean, i usually *silence* when i'm in love with a man, but when i had *silence* last night, it was just so *silence* unbelievable.

charlotte: maybe he's the one.

samantha: *silence* *silence* *silence*

i'm not totally against censorship, but attempting to sanitize a show that has a title you can't even say on air is just plain *silence*.

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city slicker said...

That sometime ago was actually last year. I lost all enthusiasm in watching it coz of all the *silence*. I can't *silence* understand a *silence* thing they're saying. The conversations just didn't seem *silence* right. The fact that they were showing it during the late-night time slot should have given the show a little "freedom of expression." Heck, they should have called the show "*Silence* and the City!" And they might as well have replaced the Title Theme [or logo] to "*Blank* and the City." Down with censorship! Yes to pornography! (Did I just say that? Ooops...)