Thursday, May 11, 2017

Martina is her mother's daughter

Even at the ripe old age of almost-11, Martina still gives me many reasons to blog. Yesterday proved it. And how.

I was hanging out with Juancho (who just turned 15! FIFTEEN!!!) and Marteens, each of us doing his or her own thing involving a screen of some sort. I was working, Juancho was watching a sitcom and Martina was playing some modern revival of the Nokia snake game (I hated that damn game).

Martina has never seen the cartoon version, can you believe it?
Then, without provocation, Martina started singing with all her might from "Beauty and the Beast":
Course by course!!! 
One by one!!!
'Til you shout ...
(To those who have no idea, the next line is supposed to be "Enough! I'm done!" ... but my niece thought it was ...)
Wahahahaaaaaa! Juancho and I couldn't stop laughing.

To be honest, I quite like how it rolls off the tongue. 'Til you shout tarantantan! "Do you want more bread?" "Tarantantan."

This really shouldn't surprise me because Martina is so much like her mother, my Ate, who also tends to mishear Disney lyrics. Three words: a pretty walk. (If you click that link, you'll see that this isn't the first time Martina has mangled songs either.)

Full disclosure: Martina cannot sing a single phrase of that movie correctly ("I need success!" is definitely NOT in the opening song "Belle" – figure it out), but life is short, and we must get on with the next story.

Another topic we discussed was Ate's height (hahaha sorry, Ate).
Juancho: What's Mom's height? 5'2"? 
Me: No way. I'm not even that height. I'm 5'1.75" and your mother is smaller. 
Juancho: She says she's 5'2". 
Me: Don't believe her. 
Juancho: Martina believes her. 
Martina: Of course I do. She buys me donuts.

End scene.

Happy mother's day?

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