Monday, January 23, 2017

Martina fires some shots

My 10-year-old niece Martina is turning out to be quite the loaded weapon. Of zingers. Not that this should surprise me, as I've documented many of these attacks in my blog throughout her life. But it's still quite shocking when I get hit.

Just yesterday, while I was in the car with Marteens and Ate, her mom, she fired two awesome shots targeted at very innocent victims – all within 5 minutes.

First victim: JUANCHO

Martina: Mom, Juanch has so many friends. 
Me and Ate: That's a good thing, Marteens! 
Martina: ... but I have more.


Second victim: ME

Me, longing for ice cream and aiming to make an announcement that I would treat them: You know what I REALLY want to eat right now? 
Martina: Everything. 
Martina: You like everything.


My advice? Run and hide. 

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