Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The day I thought Dad got it

Shall we start with a spoiler? OK!

My little (let's get back to 'little' in a while) sister Mia is pregnant with her first child!!!


When she found out, she told me and older sister Apple first through Viber. Then we thought it would be a good idea for Mia (who lives in the US) to videochat with my parents the next day to tell them the good news so she could see their reactions. We planned it so Mia would call early Saturday morning, while Dad, Ma and I were at the tennis court.

On the morning of the call, everything was going according to plan: I had Mia on the phone and there were no other people on the court. Clear video, check. Relative silence, check. Parents' full attention, check.

So I showed my parents that Mia was trying to tell them something. And they focused intently on my phone's screen.

Then Mia held up her pregnancy test stick.

(Not the actual stick with my sister's pee on it)

And my parents looked even closer. And squinted. What is that, they whispered. And were quiet for what seemed to me like a very long time.

Then I saw Dad's face slowly light up.

This is it, I thought. Someone finally got it. I got ready to celebrate with them. And I heard my Dad shout happily, excitedly:


HAAAAAAhahahahahahaha. Kill the fatted calf because my daughter has an infection!!! Hahahahahahahahaha x 500,000.

Anticlimactically, I had to tell them the news in a clear sentence, and we all screamed in delight. Lame ending, I know.

But Mia is pregnant!!! (Just in case you missed it.)


[Update: The fever anecdote happened a very, very long time ago but I was warned not to blog about it early in the pregnancy. The baby is actually about 24 weeks along now. Little sister is not so little anymore, parents are super excited to have another grandchild and, thankfully, no one at this moment has a fever.]

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